Buy Bosch S5 45LS - 45AH Battery - F002H500328F8 At Price 5214.00 In Delhi-NCR

Bosch S5 45LS - 45AH Battery - F002H500328F8

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Brand : Bosch :: Bosch Car Battery

Category : Car Battery Hyundai Accent Petrol Hyundai Elantra Getz Petrol Hyundai Fluidic Verna Petrol Hyundai Getz Petrol Hyundai Verna 1.4 & 1.6 Petrol Honda Accord 2.4 Petrol Honda Accord Old 3.5 Petrol Honda Amaze Petrol Honda City Diesel Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol

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Bosch S5 45LS - 45AH Battery - F002H500328F8

Performance range with Silver alloy technology Bosch S5 Batteries are powered with advanced silver alloy technology, offering greater power, better corrosion resistance, substantial increase in service life and totally maintenance-free battery experience. The ready to install maintenance free batteries contain calcium silver alloys that provide up to 30% increased starting power and longer service life. The alloy system of Bosch S5 batteries with a finer grid structure provide durability to the battery even in extreme temperatures. Bosch S5 Batteries are factory charged and sealed and therefore do not require further charging or topping. These batteries are equipped with an in-built charge “eye” to indicate the charge level. Benefits Advanced Silver alloy technology for increased battery performance and long life 30% increased cold starting power Ready to install No Topping required Maintenance Free Suited for most passenger cars in Indian Market

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Puneet Kumar - 4/5


Very nice product using it from last 3 years without failure.

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