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Exide Mileage MI32R 32AH

MRP : Rs 4144.00
With Old Battery : Rs 0 (Same AH)
Without Old Battery : Rs 4049.00

Brand : Exide :: Automotive Battery

Category : Maruti A-Star Petrol/ LPG/ CNG

Warranty : 24 Months + 24 Months Pro-Rata

Shipping : Free

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Exide Mileage MI32R 32AH

Features of Exide Mileage Range of Batteries: - Robust design - to take care of stringent application requirements - Special side vented cover design - excellent spill-resistant characteristics - Double clad separation - high reliability and life expectancy ensures customer satisfaction - Technology - to suit high temperature applications - Appearance - rugged with appealing cosmetics - Magic Eye - for determination of electrolyte level and state-of-charge - Easy to use - batteries delivered in factory-charged, ready-to-use condition

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Product Specs:
Name Exide Mileage MI32R 32AH
Brand Exide
Brand Category Automotive Battery
Type Maruti A-Star Petrol/ LPG/ CNG
Warranty 24 Months + 24 Months Pro-Rata
Approx Dry Weight 7.51 Kg.
Product Reviews :

Puneet Kumar - 4/5


Very nice product using it from last 3 years without failure.

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